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SEO -Search Engine Optimisation
A Primer to a Highly Complex Subject

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complex subject. All My New Venture websites are designed to be Search-engine friendly. This means that we understand how search engines scan websites and we will construct yours to be easy for search engines to not only read, but to understand which key phrases define your business.

What we can't guarantee is where your website will appear in the rankings. That depends upon many factors. These include:

• How long your website has been live
• How well it has been constructed
• Relevant and non-spammy meta data
• Interesting and original textual content that integrates your key phrases at a natural density and avoids 'keyword stuffing'
• Genuine links into your site to show you have content that interests people (not link farms nor reciprocal links - those easily work against you)
• How carefully you have researched your key words
• How much competition there is for your chosen key words
• The quality of your content and whether what you have to say is interesting and original
• If you are the new kid on the block without a lot to say, your site will not rank above established competitors who have lots of good and interesting content. However, if you have a website with squeaky-clean coding, offers honest meta-data to the search engines and has something new to say, it shouldn't be long before your website starts to rank well.

Please bear in mind nobody can 'make' Google place a website higher. You can pay to be included in the 'sponsored links' and rank well that way, but Google and other search engines want to produce results that accurately reflect what people are looking for. Tricks to fool the engines are a bad idea as they may get you demoted or even dropped.

A good, solid SEO foundation is to:

• Be clear about what you offer
• Have interesting and original content
• Make sure your website architecture is search-engine friendly
• Be patient - it takes a little while for the engines to discover and trust you
• Do not let your website become stale. Refresh your content regularly.

To summarise, we will provide you with an excellent frame so you have the best possible start. The quality of content and building your reputation to get good incoming links is up to you.