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FAQs about My New Venture Websites
Why such good value? + / -

We are a small business with low overheads. Our low-cost web design solutions achieve such excellent value because we rely on utilising proven, attractive and versatile formats that can easily adapt to provide an individual-looking solution. All our work is done in-house in the UK. No out-sourcing. And because we are small, you are given individual attention.

What if I Want a Different Layout?+ / -

Don't worry if you want to change the layout to better suit your needs. We can adapt our standard layouts or design one especially for you.

How long will it take?+ / -

We are about as fast as you can throw the work at us. Once we know your requirements and have your content, a small, start-up site usually takes less than a week for your website to be ready for sign off and going live. We also operate a Super-fast Express service, if you really need your website quickly. Obviously, individual design and more complex sites will take longer.

Help! I'm not technical.+ / -

Don't worry. We take care of all that. You just need to tell us what you like, send us the photos you want to use and what words you want included. In other words, the fun bits!

We will not 'talk techie' at you (unless you want us to!). What sets My New Venture apart from the crowd is our ability to talk about websites in a human-to-human way. We want to understand what you want.

We do want to impress you, but prefer to do that by delivering an excellent product.

Can you help me with the best words to write?+ / -

Yes, of course. We offer competitively-priced copywriting services. What's more, we can populate your text with your key words at an optimal density to alert Search Engines while still reading as natural English. Just ask.

Can I buy my domain name elsewhere?+ / -

Yes, you can. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the domain can point to our hosting server and you will need to carry this out yourself or negotiate with your domain registrant to do this for you.

But don't worry. We can buy your domain for you and we will register it in your name, so you own it outright.

I have a good or free deal on Web Hosting. Can I host the website myself?+ / -

Yes, you can. However, you will need to ensure that your web hosting service handles the technologies we utilise and you or your agent will need to upload the website yourself to your server. We will deliver the website 'entity' to you via email or FTP.

Our web hosting is highly professional and delivers a fast and reliable service. Check your hosting terms carefully to ensure your website and domain remain portable and that maintenance of your site is reasonable. Cheap hosting can sometimes mean poor response time in terms of your website loading slowly. Internet users expect a quick page load. Slow loads often means they cut and go elsewhere.

If I buy my domain elsewhere or host the website elsewhere, do I get a discount from My New Venture?+ / -

Sorry, no. Our all-inclusive packages are not negotiable in this way. Hosting your website elsewhere is fine, but you will not be eligible for our free, inclusive editorial support.

After my year of web hosting has expired with you, can I host my website elsewhere?+ / -

Yes, you can. You are free to ask us to transfer your domain name to a new registrant of your choice and to release the website for you to host elsewhere. Once you have provided us with all the details we need to release the domain and/or hosting, we will carry this out free of charge. However, you or your agent will have to handle the 'import' side of this function.

Once I have a My New Venture website, what happens if I want to change things to it, like add new products or change my contact details, etc?+ / -

That's fine. In fact, we are known for being super-quick in turning these 'round for our customers. Most people need to update their website at some point. We include a proportional amount of text edit time with your My New Venture website for free during the first year you are hosting with us. After that, we offer website maintenance at extremely reasonable rates to edit your text, change or add pictures, add new pages.

If you want to update your website yourself, there are a couple of options. If you have web authoring software and feel you can handle the edits yourself, we can provide you with FTP access so you can freely upload your edits.

Another option is to ask for our Content Management Services. This allows you to edit and update the textual content of your website easily and safely without any web authoring software or understanding of HTML coding.

We do occasionally maintain sites hosted elsewhere. The pricing is individually assessed and competitive. Please ask for details.

Can you help me set up my computer connection, repair the hardware, sort out my software/email, etc?+ / -

We can help with every day software queries at an hourly rate. However, we concentrate on websites at My New Venture, but we know of a local business who can help with setting up your network, repairing your computer, etc Try Oak Technologies for a personalised service.

Will you help me rank better in the search engines?+ / -

This is a huge subject, but, yes, our websites are constructed to be search engine friendly which helps you rank better.

More information on Search Engine Optimisation can be found here.

Setting up MNV Email Accounts
How do I access my new website email on the web?+ / -

There are two Web-based applications for accessing your email account depending on which email package you have.

  1. Microsoft Outlook Web App - If you have a Starter, Starter Plus or Professional email account, please visit and log in with your email address and password.
    You can download a user guide for this here
  3. Webmail - If you have a Standard or Advanced email account, please visit the Webmail Log-in Page Here.
    Outlook App User Guide Available Here

How do I set up my new MNV email on my computer?+ / -

If you prefer to add your domain-related email account to your email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc), My New Venture offers, as a courtesy, these tutorials in setting up your email account on your local email client. There are two aspects to this:

  • Your incoming server which is related to your new Domain-related email address - please see log in to your email account via Microsoft Outlook Web App. On the top right click 'Options - See All Options'. Then on the left-hand side, click 'Account'. At the bottom of the page click 'Settings for POP, IMAP and SMTP access. A window will pop up with your Incoming Settings.
  • Your outgoing server which is related to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as BT, Virgin, AOL, etc. You will need to get this information and related settings from your ISP. MNV is unable to help with this part of the set up.

Interactive online email set-up guide is here: Image

How do I set up my new MNV email on my iPhone, iPad or iPod?+ / -

User Guide for setting up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for your MNV email is available here